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More About Us

Our Latest Tournaments.

The Argentina National Lacrosse team has participated in the 2010 & 2014 World Lacrosse Championships edition and the 2015 Copa America.

Our Awesome Plans.

We offer the posibility of an incredible experience in Argentina just by growing the game of lacrosse.

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You can live with free housing in Argentina just by teaching lacrosse & leaving your used gear behind. Just choose a team to help or city!


You can either donate used / new gear and we will provide feedback on wich player is currently using it.


You can donate to a team or sponsor a player, with detailed info on what you would like that donation be used on! For example, a dozen lacrosse balls or a stick, and we will provide feedback on the status.

Meet Our Teams.


Capital Federal - Buenos Aires

1st - Abierto de Daireaux (2016)
1st - Torneo del Fin del Mundo (2015)


La Plata - Buenos Aires

2nd - Abierto de Daireaux (2016)
2nd - Torneo del Fin del Mundo (2015)

Lobos Rojos

Capital Federal - Buenos Aires

4th - Abierto de Daireaux (2016)

Orcas Juventus

Rawson - Chubut

4th - Torneo del Fin del Mundo (2015)


Mendoza - Mendoza


La Plata - Buenos Aires


General Roca - Rio Negro


Trelew - Chubut


Misiones - Misiones

Misiones Lacrosse

Posadas - Misiones

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Contact us or any team via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send us an email!


mariano_f_@hotmail.com       - General Manager

Contact Numbers:

Phone: +54 9 11 6167 1689 (Rodrigo)